Learn How to Create Customer and Profit Producing Marketing Machines

Stop Getting Taken Advantage of by Unscrupulous Marketers, Feeling Overwhelmed and Not Knowing What’s Working in
Your Marketing – Save Time and Money and Let Us Show You How to Become a Master of Your Small Business Online Marketing

How to Find the ROI (Return On Investment)

of Every Penny You Are Investing in Your Online Marketing in 10 Minutes or Less

“Only 1 out of 10 small businesses have figured out how to use social media, online advertising and track the results of their marketing.” -Forbes

Find Out What Is and What Is NOT Profitable for You Right Now

Discover the true ROI (return on investment) from all your current marketing efforts and find out what is really creating leads, customers and profits for you.

Discover the Best Online Lead & Customer Sources for Your Business

One size does NOT fit all and the “latest greatest online shiny object” you are being sold might not be right for your business. Find out which one is.

How to Create an Automatic Lead & Customer Producing Machine

Use our battle-tested Online Marketing Training Library to create your own online marketing machine that runs almost on autopilot, attracting the perfect kinds of leads and customers to your business – even if you can barely turn on a computer

Take Control. Save Time. Save Money. Own Your Marketing Machine (Here is What Customer Machines is Going to Do For You)

Show You The Money – If you are like most business owners, what matters to you most is “the Bottom Line”. Profits are where it’s at and if you don’t know how to track the money your marketing is making you every month, you could be wasting hundreds or even thousands of dollars. We will teach you how to see what’s working in 10 minutes or less.
Learn What Works Best for Your Business – Many business owners we work with are being told, “You need to be on social media! It’s where EVERYONE is getting all their business now!” The reality is, that is a BFL – a Big Fat Lie. While social media CAN be a killer traffic source, it doesn’t mean it’s the best for you. You’ll learn what IS the best source for your business and how to get started making money with it.
Never Get Taken Advantage of Again – Time and again, we have heard from business owners who, after working with us and unraveling the “mystery of online marketing”, are extremely upset at all the wasted time and money they spent after being sold by advertisers or dishonest marketing firms. Armed with this training, you will never waste time, money or be sold something you don’t need when it comes to marketing.
Own and Control ALL Your Marketing – All business owners are busy. Trying to manage all aspects of your business AND grow it is very stressful and time-consuming. We will show you how to build, own and control your own marketing system that runs almost on autopilot, creating profits for you month in and month out in the least amount of time.
Free Up More Of Your Time – You might think learning marketing and creating a system will take too much time. The reality is, after you have created your marketing machine, you will have LESS on your plate. No more chasing new business, dealing with salespeople, or wasting time and monthly figuring out how to grow your business.
Attract the Right Kind of Customers – Contrary to popular marketing beliefs, not everyone in the world is a good customer for your business. Using the right combination of marketing tools, properties, offers and system for bringing on new customers makes all the difference between attracting profitable customers and repelling the pains in the you-know-what.
Grow and Scale Your Business – There is an old business adage, “Work ON your business instead of IN it.” Once you have built and streamlined your marketing system, you will have more free time to focus on systemizing, growing and scaling your business without worrying about where your next customer is going to come from.
Learn and Implement at Your Convenience – All our information is delivered 100% online. You can login anytime and access your training library. Everything is structured in a modular, easy-to-follow format with small chunks of actionable information in every lesson.

What Makes Us Different – Or, Who the Hell are We

and Why Should You Listen to Us?

We Have Been There, Done That – We have over two decades of combined experience as bricks-n-sticks retail services small business owners, internet marketers, direct response copywriters, information publishers, media salesmen, SEO (search engine optimization) experts and more. We have ranked hundreds of businesses in Google and helped start-ups to local businesses to national chains to e-commerce businesses build and systemize their marketing systems.
We Don’t Just Teach This Stuff – We Live It Everyday – We have worked with hundreds of business owners in the past and still work with a select group of clients today. We are going to take you “behind the curtain” and share with you exactly how we get results for our private clients – people who pay thousands of dollars a month to work with us.

Who Is This For?

  • Business owners who are tired of getting screwed when it comes to marketing
  • Business owners who don’t know who to trust
  • Business owners who don’t own and control all their vital online properties – especially their websites
  • Business owners who don’t understand online marketing
  • Business owners who know they need better online marketing, but have no idea where to start
  • Business owners that are Do-It-Yourselfers that like to know how to do everything
  • Business owners that are on a budget and willing to put in the time to learn how to build and own their own marketing systems
  • Business owners that want to grow and scale their business
  • Business owners that are currently spending money on marketing but not getting the results they want
  • Business owners who want to free up more of their time to focus on what’s important to them


Who This Is NOT For:

  •  Business owners that are so busy, unorganized and frazzled that they barely have time to breathe
  • Business owners that already think they know online marketing
  • Business owners that think they can learn how to generate hundreds of thousands – or even millions – of dollars without investing some time and money
  • Business owners who have no marketing budget, don’t believe in marketing and believe they can survive by word-of-mouth only
  • Business owners that truly believe they don’t have the time and would rather find out how to hire someone like us

Start Mastering Your Online Marketing with Customer Machines

It’s Only $7 to Get Access the Supercharged Online Marketing Training System for Local Small Businesses

Frequently Asked Questions or Objections

Q. “I am too busy running my business to do this!”

You’re probably right. You have three options. You can:

A.)    Continue to do things exactly like you have been, which will get you exactly the same results and keep you trapped in Small Business Hell – too busy to grow but can’t grow because you’re too busy
B.)    Hire someone or get your biz partner/significant other to go through the training
C.)    Figure out how to carve out up to a total of sixty minutes a day (one episode of NCIS) for a short amount of time so you can create a marketing system that can free up hundreds of hours in your life as soon as you get it built and running. (It won’t take an hour a day; you can do it in chunks of ten or fifteen minutes if needed.)

Q. “Okay – I really want to do this; how much time is it going to take?”
Each one of the modules are broken down into sections, with video training in each section. There are multiple videos per topic and the average video length is roughly 15 minutes. The fastest way to get results is to watch one video, then go implement what was taught. Then do the next video, go implement – making sure you document your processes and track results on the way. Hold yourself to a 7 to 21 day window to learn and implement each module you work on.
Q. “How long do I have to go through the training?”
As long as you need or want. This is 100% self-paced, based on YOUR schedule, so whatever works best for you. We will constantly be updating the materials with latest tools and techniques, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on what’s working.
Q. “I am allergic to technology.”
That’s okay. When we started out on our journey to master marketing, we could barely turn on a computer, much less do online marketing. We are very good at taking complex things and making them very simple. Plus, almost all the technology we will be using is very simple and straightforward to use. Like anything else, the more you use it, the easier it will become.
Q. “I’ve been screwed by online marketers in the past – what makes you different?”
We understand. We meet business owners daily that feel the exact same way. Our answer is the same to them: check out our Top 9 Lies Online Business Owners are Being Sold By Online Marketers, our How to Find Out the ROI of Any Marketing Promotion in 10 Minutes or Less, our 12 Things Every Website Must Have to Rank in Google and Create Customers, plus our testimonials page. If you don’t get immediate value from those and it isn’t enough – we probably aren’t a good fit for each other.
Q. “This sounds like it is going to be expensive.”
ABSOLUTELY NOT. One of the reasons we created CustomerMachines.com is because we saw a glaring hole in the online marketing market for a product and service that would cater to the needs of the small business owners that wanted our services – like SEO, email marketing, social media & social media advertising and conversion-based website design – but couldn’t afford them. Rather than move on and ignore them – even though they desperately wanted and needed our services – we created a business designed to affordably teach them how they could do it themselves.
Q. “What are the guarantees that this stuff is going to work?”

In business – as in life – there are no guarantees.

Granted, in some businesses, you can guarantee a result – like if you are in the home installation business and you are hired to hang a flat-screen on a wall; you can most likely guarantee that you can hang it level on the wall.

There is NO marketing that we know of that guarantees results. We can provide statistics, charts, proof, testimonials and more of what has worked before. Plus, the end results you are going to get are going to be based on the time and effort that YOU put in, on top of how well you follow instructions.

That being said, we are so confident in our program that we offer our “Treat Business Owners Like You Want to Be Treated” Guarantee. If after going through the training, you aren’t happy for any reason, let us know for a No Questions Asked, No Funny Business, No Fine Print 100% Refund.

Q. “But my neighbor/friend/fellow business owner/media sales rep/Uncle Bob said (insert latest online shiny object here) is the future and everything else doesn’t work!”

Usually, the person who is telling you this is one of the following:
A.)    Not using the thing they recommended
B.)    Not making any money with the thing
C.)    Just learning about the thing and excited
D.)    Trying to SELL you the thing they recommended
E.)    Has the best intentions and wants to help but has no success/proof/results

If the person fits any of the above, thank them politely and repeat these words, “Show Me the Money”. While things in the online marketing world DO change rapidly, we are on the front lines daily finding out exactly what works and what doesn’t. We are also networked with some of the sharpest online marketing experts and companies in the world. If it is something that works well for small business owners, we know about it.

Q. “Why don’t I just go with Hubspot, Dex, Hibu, Yodle or one of those other marketing companies?”

You can. Those are companies that are “Done for You” services and some companies have success with them. What you want to watch out for is getting locked into long-term contracts, getting sold things you don’t need, paying higher prices than necessary due to middlemen and large overheads, and not knowing where your money is going or if it is effective.

What these companies won’t tell you is what they are selling you for $400, $800, $1200 a month or MORE? You can do for yourself in just a few hours and $20 a MONTH. We will “pull back the curtains” and show you how.

Q. “If you have been doing marketing for decades, how am I supposed to learn how to do it in a short amount of time and get results? I don’t have years to wait for this to work.”
Great question! It’s simple – we are going to take you on the shortest, fastest route to the right marketing tools for your business. Many online marketers make what they do out to be voodoo or some great secret – it’s not. It is simply knowing what media to use, the right tools to use and how to tie it all together correctly.

We are so confident in our program that we want to make you an offer you can’t refuse. Invest $7 right now and we will give you complete access to the entire video training library for 7 days.

Look around, start a training course, start, finish and implement at least one course and see for yourself how much you are going to learn, grow and profit with this training. Any time during the 7 days, if you feel this training isn’t for you, you can cancel anytime.

If you want to stay as a member, after 7 days you will be billed at the VIP Member rate of just $47 a month. So for about the cost of two fancy coffee drinks from Starbucks, you can gain access to information that could literally make you hundreds of thousands of dollars in the next 12 months.

And, for a little over a dollar a day, you can become a part of a new movement for small business owners everywhere, take back your power from online marketers and salespeople and take control of your business’s marketing, growth and profits forever.

Warning: We Can’t – and Won’tAccept Just Anyone Into the Program

With a price-point this low, you might think to yourself, “Wow – these guys are just going to flood as many people as they can into this thing. There is no way I will get the support I need or get any questions answered; we will probably never hear from these guys after we get started.”

WRONG. We are purposely capping our membership levels so we CAN make sure everyone gets the attention and support they need. We have a customer support department, a VIP Private Facebook Group for Members Only, plus there will be follow-up live webinars, email and much more.

But – since we are capping the membership level and the price point is so low – there is no doubt we will reach our limit very quickly.

Don’t wait. The one guarantee we can make to you right now is that if you have invested this much time with us, you obviously want and need this training, and if you DON’T get started – NOTHING is going to change for you tomorrow, next week, next month or ever.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. If you add up all the money you wasted on things that didn’t work for you, it undoubtedly dwarfs the $7 it takes to get started today.

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